The DNA Company has developed the world's first Functional Genomics Certification Program.

The Functional Genomics Certification Program enables clinicians to intelligently understand results from DNA tests so they can use them as effective tools to improve the health and wellness of their patients. With this certification, clinicians will be able to identify and understand important genomic concepts, as well as avoid the pitfalls associated with consumer and lifestyle genomic testing, such as basing treatments on single gene outcomes.

What You Will Learn.

As a certified practitioner, you will be able to build on your existing clinical expertise and approach your patients' health through the lens of functional genomics. Your patients will appreciate your ability to understand and provide solutions for problems they haven't been able to solve elsewhere.

Learn how gene pathways work in a functional manner to impact 6 important systems of the body:

  1. Sex Hormones
  2. Cardiovascular health
  3. Diet & Nutrition
  4. Mood & behavior
  5. Environmental health
  6. Chronic Pain

You will understand how genes influence these systems, what sort of health concerns are impacted by these genes, and what recommendations, therapies, and solutions can improve these health concerns. You will be presented with numerous real-life case studies as well as the steps taken to resolve the problems and health concerns within these case studies. 

What Is Functional Genomics?

"Genes encode the functions required for your cells, and for you as a whole, to thrive.  To intelligently interpret genes, their individual contributions must be understood in the context of the bigger picture – in the context of the myriad of cellular functions required for optimal health.  Single genes do not function in a void, but rather, in cascades of beautifully coordinated sets – multiple genes working together to facilitate the cellular functions in question.   Studying single genes without appreciating how they interact with one another is both incomplete, and often misleading.  Functional Genomics is the study of genes as they were meant to be studied, capturing how they work together and how they are influenced by lifestyle, nutrition and environmental choices and challenges.  Functional genomics captures the true treasure trove of knowledge embedded in your genomic make-up and facilitates a nuanced, individualized and actionable approach to optimal health – an actionable approach for you to thrive. "

- Dr. Mansoor Mohammed Ph.D.

Our scientists and clinicians are world renowned and have won multiple awards in the fields of clinical and personalized genomics.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Mansoor Mohammed


Dr. Mansoor Mohammed Ph.D. is one of the most innovative leaders in the emerging fields of personalized medicine and lifestyle genomics. He is widely regarded as a pioneer in medical genomics and has been the recipient of multiple academic and industry awards over the last two decades. He is the holder of several patents in the general fields of molecular diagnostics and genomics research. He is one of the most sought-after national and international speakers in the genres of personalized medicine and genomics. He is a regular contributor to several industry podcasts around the world.

Tom Blue

Genetics Testing Experience

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Tom Blue

Institute for Functional Medicine

As Seen and Heard About On

Kathleen McDonald

EC ANP, Precision Health Centre

"Despite working at some of the top Academic centers internationally, it has been my collaboration with the distinguished Dr. Mansoor Mohammad and his team and implementing his innovative and ingenious Functional Genomic platform into my Practise that has allowed me as a provider to provide cutting edge care for my patient population. Dr. Mohammad is a visionary, for whom, I truly cannot say enough, and his work has been a game changer in how I practise medicine. In a new era of Nof 1 Medicine, in which the ultimate strategy is to provide individualized care, no longer will I treat patient’s prior to having implemented his technology and exposing each individual’s genetic blueprint. The interplay of one’s genes navigates clinical strategies to improve overall health and cellular function. Within the complexities of health and disease and importantly in reaching the lofty goals of true and measurable health optimization, Dr. Mohammad’s test is the cornerstone of care. As a result of this testing I am able to provide precision medicine, improve the efficacy of each patient’s treatment, and simultaneously unveil early risk identifiers (including those not yet detected from conventional diagnostics) from which interventions are established to prevent an otherwise predictable and untoward outcome. More so than statistical significance alone, the interplay of functional genome testing enables the accuracy evidenced based medicine strives for. To say my patients and I, have been greatly impacted by the work, passion and integrity of Dr. Mohammad and the unveiling of their genetic code is an understatement. One day it is my hope that this technology will be made available by each clinician to each patient. This is the future of Medicine."

Dr. Jared Seigler


"The DNA Company has all the right set-up so clinically I know I am basing the decisions for my patients off of sound information. The quality of the testing they do is a game-changer since direct-to-consumer gene testing is known to be inaccurate. Now I know what my patient's CNVs, Indels, and SNPs and Dr. Mansoor explains it in a way that makes sense without trying to micromanage over 40 variables. If I want to learn about genes, I listen to a geneticist. With his education and training, Dr. Mansoor creates massive value when looking at how genes interact with both our internal and external environments, as well as what can actually be done about it. Listening to him describe people that he has never met with such accuracy simply based on their genetic report always amazes me. The DNA Company reports are also very concise and to the point. Clinically I didn't find the value of looking at hundreds of SNPs that we don't have a hope of influencing. I would much rather look at the DNA Company reports and correlate with other testing and their history to see where we can actually shift a person's health in the right direction. By strategically looking at genetic variables we can influence, we give the body a tremendous tool that it can use to start fixing itself. More markers don't always correlate with better clinical outcomes, but the right markers do."

Tammy Allen

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

"At Og Canada, we know that the role a client’s genomic profile plays in their overall health and well-being, cannot be overstated. The DNA Company provides a comprehensive in-depth genomic analysis that highlights areas of protection and areas that require additional support. This allows us the opportunity to work with our clients to help them understand how their genes are working together to impact their personal health."